My Current Projects

“The Telling”

In the 23rd Century, Sutty Dass is an Observer sent by the Ekumen to the planet Aka, where she finds a soulless, consumerist society that has outlawed culture and religion. Her quest to find the real Aka coincides with her own self-discovery about what made her flee from Earth, and how to be fully engaged with the world.

I am adapting this esteemed sci-fi novel by Ursula K. LeGuin as an indie sci-fi feature for producer Rizwan Virk and director Leena Pendharkar.




Earth is at war with the Sirian empire and a single man is selected to do what whole armies cannot: infiltrate and disrupt the enemy to set the stage for a large-scale invasion.

I am adapting this novel by Eric Frank Russell as a potential TV series for London-based Amber Entertainment.





A scientist-adventurer is carried into the stratosphere via weather balloons as he attempts to set a new free fall distance record, but his journey back to Earth takes him through a cosmological membrane into an alternate Earth. Here, everything is powered by sunlight and wind, the air is clean, and society is a dictatorship whose citizens are indentured slaves. Our hero’s physicist wife will do anything to get him back – even commit murder -- but family ties beckon him to yet another alternate version of Earth.

I wrote this original sci-fi TV pilot in partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment. Chay Carter, Oscar-winner for “Argo,” is attached to produce.


Stan Lee’s “Hellana”

A shy 20-year-old who works in a chop shop discovers that her father is Satan. Suddenly she knows why she is drawn to the flame of welding torches as well as to the underbelly of humanity. Her journey of self-discovery is complicated by the emergence of half-siblings – a demon brother and sister – who covet her position as the Devil’s heir apparent in the Land of the Living.

I co-wrote and produced this recently-completed graphic novel in partnership with the Shakespeare of Superheroes himself.