“In Morgan’s course about the Writer’s Room I could experience the power of teamwork – and the fun of it.” - Gunther Eschke, Development Producer REAL FILM Berlin

"Morgan Gendel’s course about the Writers’ Room was definitely a highlight in my two years master’s program in Serial Storytelling at the International Film School in Cologne (IFS). We learnt about the whole process of writing a show – from the beginning of a vague idea until the actual delivery of ten finalized scripts for the complete first season, and all the steps in between. My knowledge that I gathered in Morgan’s program about writing and creative tools, about proper (dramatic) structuring and even about what it takes to be a showrunner, help me a great deal in my now just starting life as a professional writer." - Mats Frey, Writer/Producer, Zurich, Switzerland

"It was really great being in your simulated Writer's Room! In my experience so far, so much of writing is just you sitting alone, banging your face against a keyboard; often to no avail. Your step-by-step group approach was just so many different kinds of refreshing and helpful. ...So thank you!" – Jessica Maissonet, writer and blogger, Brooklyn, NY

"I've written two sci-fi novels and two technical books and found Morgan Gendel's Writer's Room class invaluable. The script writing exercise was fun and informative. He's a great teacher." - JC Cannon, Online Privacy Strategy Consultant and Novelist